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struggle, are insecure, don't know the future, and
want to do something about it.


First, I want to thank DevDojo for providing the largest course (if that can be called a course, because for me it is an encyclopedia of Java in Portuguese), and, best of all, absolutely free.
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Now, speaking a little about myself, humbly, so you can get a sense of how you are changing some people’s lives. I got into college at 19, attended 1 semester and had to stop because I could not pay the tuition. I opened a small store here in my city (Goiânia) and worked on it until I turned 24. I struggled… I was selling lunch to buy dinner. But, I never forgot my passion that is programming, unfortunately I never had time to study.Now, in the beginning of 2020, I had to sell my store for financial reasons and I found myself unemployed. I decided then to follow my dream; software development.

However, there was no way I could afford the costs of a higher education course or even an online Java course. It was when, in a technology forum, I read what someone wrote about the DevDojo channel on YouTube. I looked for it and found it. Arriving at the channel, face to face with “Java Marathon”, I hit play. Since that moment I am focused on learning from the best, and today, 04/28/2020, I am watching the video 162 from that playlist and I feel that with what you explain in each class I understand more and more of the language.

I have no work experience to put in my curriculum once I finish the course, but as you said in the one of the “Brejas e Bugs” video: “You should be ready to explain a concept in a whiteboard, only then you can say you truly understood” and if they put me on the whiteboard, I know that I will solve any Java related problem, because I am learning from the best.Returning to the subject, I just want you to know how much your course can change someone’s life. By looking at my case you can see that if it wasn’t for you the fact that I could program today might just be a vague and distant dream.

Thanks to you, today this dream has become a reality and I hope you keep recording and sharing knowledge. Congratulations, both for the course made available for free and as human beings. I know that a course of the level that you made available for free can easily be charged with a lot of money in any institution. Which would be unreachable for people like me, who has a hunger for knowledge, but have nothing else to offer. Again, I say, my deepest CONGRATULATIONS. Please, keep it up. Great men like you makes a difference in humanity.

Harisson do Nascimento Pires

I am graduating and until recently I had difficulties to with software development, as funny as it was I was afraid, I thought it was not for me; That I was not born for such a thing... I came here a year ago by a friend’s reference, full of hope, trying to change. 
Little by little I started learning and over time I fully dedicated myself... Today, I feel super comfortable programming; I feel happy and satisfied with the career I am following, with that “Maratona Java” I learned a lot and thanks to it I got my internship. Whenever I see someone with difficulties in Java, the first thing I do is show the course. It is one of the best I have had and I have nothing to complain about. I thank you very much for your work and dedication. Thanks again and I wish you a lot of success.

Maycon Morais

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