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I took the course in 2019 and from start to finish it took me 9 months (Yes, this course took the same time as bearing a child for me haha) while I was starting college. William's didactics helped me to understand the basics of programming and made it much easier to understand more complicated topics, such as Multithreading, which helped me a lot with the college course materials. Earlier this month, I did the interview for an internship in Java and SQL and passed. Now I'm using everything I've seen here and the REST API concepts from Spring Boot Essentials (which is really worth checking out after finishing Maratona Java).

I am telling you this for 2 reasons:

1- To guarantee for those just starting out that, if an opportunity in Java comes along, you will definitely be prepared for it if you take this course! Take your time, but go all the way. If you have any doubts whether it's worth it or not, I'm answering you now: IT IS WORTH IT!!! THIS COURSE CHANGED MY LIFE!! As I said, doing Spring Boot Essentials also helped me, so I think it could help you in the same way, unfortunately the job market is not just syntax.

2- I really wanted to thank you guys at DevDojo. At that time I couldn't afford to pay for a good course or had the slightest idea of ​​where to look, and you made all this available, 210 classes, free of charge. The content was so good I devoured it and today Java is my favorite language, mainly because of the emotional feeling of being the first course I took from start to finish on my own, through pure willpower (or sometimes hate haha), and for being the language which opened the job market after so many nos, so much anxiety and so much imposter syndrome.

Thank you William! Thank you DevDojo! You have your places in heaven! <33333333

Amanda Marques

My name is Guilherme Ferreira and I'd like to thank DevDojo Academy for giving me the chance to start a career in the field I've been looking for a long time, for providing a range of courses that can teach anyone who really wants to become Devs how to build a System from scratch and more [..] About my Story - I left Brazil when I was 19 y'o and went to live in Europe with a Dream. I wanted to study and start my career over there in the field of informa_ tion technology, so I faced the journey and started working and studying, lived illegally in different countries trying everyday to not be deported because I knew one day I was going to College | I had faith on it. Every country was a fight, a victory. Passed through Switzerland working in a recycling paper factory and doing whatever to survive, after a few months decided to go to England, over there worked as a part-time Delivery and could find a free english course program for international students. Stayed in U.K for 6 months with a tourist visa and after that went to Ireland, got a Student-Visa and the right to work legally and the chance to seek my goals. Within a year I was preparing myself for College, but I had to pass a proficiency exam[..] and I did it ! So it was the big time, had to prepare myself for a tech Institute but unfortunately I couldnt pay the tuition fee that was very expensive and also couldnt get a student loan [..] so I had to come back to the hard reality I had in Brazil. Found DevDojo Academy this year and decided to follow all of the courses provided [....] After this day everything changed ! When I was in the middle of the Java Marathon I started studying ADS in an University I could afford, and this is how DevDojo Academy made my life better, they put hope back into my heart, because I know that it's only a question of time till I get my first job in the field I love. Thank you so much again for giving me the tools to keep fighting for my Dream. " Learn, Earn , Return "

Guilherme Ferreira

First, I want to thank DevDojo for providing the largest course (if that can be called a course, because for me it is an encyclopedia of Java in Portuguese), and, best of all, absolutely free.
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Now, speaking a little about myself, humbly, so you can get a sense of how you are changing some people’s lives. I got into college at 19, attended 1 semester and had to stop because I could not pay the tuition. I opened a small store here in my city (Goiânia) and worked on it until I turned 24. I struggled… I was selling lunch to buy dinner. But, I never forgot my passion that is programming, unfortunately I never had time to study.Now, in the beginning of 2020, I had to sell my store for financial reasons and I found myself unemployed. I decided then to follow my dream; software development.

However, there was no way I could afford the costs of a higher education course or even an online Java course. It was when, in a technology forum, I read what someone wrote about the DevDojo channel on YouTube. I looked for it and found it. Arriving at the channel, face to face with “Java Marathon”, I hit play. Since that moment I am focused on learning from the best, and today, 04/28/2020, I am watching the video 162 from that playlist and I feel that with what you explain in each class I understand more and more of the language.

I have no work experience to put in my curriculum once I finish the course, but as you said in the one of the “Brejas e Bugs” video: “You should be ready to explain a concept in a whiteboard, only then you can say you truly understood” and if they put me on the whiteboard, I know that I will solve any Java related problem, because I am learning from the best.Returning to the subject, I just want you to know how much your course can change someone’s life. By looking at my case you can see that if it wasn’t for you the fact that I could program today might just be a vague and distant dream.

Thanks to you, today this dream has become a reality and I hope you keep recording and sharing knowledge. Congratulations, both for the course made available for free and as human beings. I know that a course of the level that you made available for free can easily be charged with a lot of money in any institution. Which would be unreachable for people like me, who has a hunger for knowledge, but have nothing else to offer. Again, I say, my deepest CONGRATULATIONS. Please, keep it up. Great men like you makes a difference in humanity.

Harisson do Nascimento Pires

I am graduating and until recently I had difficulties to with software development, as funny as it was I was afraid, I thought it was not for me; That I was not born for such a thing... I came here a year ago by a friend’s reference, full of hope, trying to change. 
Little by little I started learning and over time I fully dedicated myself... Today, I feel super comfortable programming; I feel happy and satisfied with the career I am following, with that “Maratona Java” I learned a lot and thanks to it I got my internship. Whenever I see someone with difficulties in Java, the first thing I do is show the course. It is one of the best I have had and I have nothing to complain about. I thank you very much for your work and dedication. Thanks again and I wish you a lot of success.

Maycon Morais

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